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Erdigroup is not your average employer. (That's because we don't have your average hotels.)

We don't like too much hierarchy - it detracts from creativity and individuality. And it's with creativity and individuality that people do their best.

Our 'flat' structure encourages everyone to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns - there's no clamming up here. As a result, our teams have a genuine sense of spirit within the workplace. Sincere appreciation of each another flows from respect.

Our founders, Eva and Les Erdi, have developed a set of values that's driven their business success.

These values are part of daily life for all Erdigroup team members throughout their day-to-day business:

Respect - Morality - Equality - Humanity - Flexibility - Diversity

If all that makes you nod your head and smile, then hop over to the Job Opportunities page.