Erdi Foundation


Giving back is the key to success

The Erdi Foundation was established in 2014 with the mission to strengthen community life and to address disadvantage in Australia and Israel. 

Consistent with the intentions of the founders, Eva and Les Erdi, funding is available for charitable organisations that share and can help advance this mission:

  • promote community values, foster community cohesion and generally work to improve the quality of community life for young and old
  • address inequality and support the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society
  • empower people who are spirited, entrepreneurial and willing to tackle life’s big challenges
  • support environmental causes that not only protect the planet but have an immediate impact
  • advance community health

The Erdi Foundation is committed to the values of caring, equality, integrity, excellence and better practice.


In partnership with the Foundation, each hotel in the business supports a local charity which is close to their heart.

This support is through fun and engaging activities with team members and guests raise money for their organisation’s cause.


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