Various Projects & Initiatives

The Projects

I wanted to make peace between the whole country.

- Les Erdi OAM

Here are just some of Erdigroup's projects:


  • Revitalising Melbourne’s Sandridge Bridge also included artwork that paid homage to the contribution of immigrants to Australia. An eyesore for many years, Les and Eva ensured the bridge was firstly preserved, then embellished with an evocative art installation and interactive immigration elements. This included 128 glass panels describing the origins of every nation. Even vandals in 2007 could not remove the beauty, as the Erdi's made sure the works were painstakingly repaired (despite nearly $300,000 in damages). Les said at the time, “I wanted to make peace between the whole country, including the first Australian immigrants.”
  • Restoring the burnt-out signal box at Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station and converting it into a $1 million-plus centre for youth arts is another project. This space allows teenagers to work with professional artists to develop their ideas.


The Erdi's have made major contributions to:

  • The Alfred Hospital
  • The Diabetic Institute of Australia
  • Melbourne University Research – established Research Laboratory
  • City of Melbourne – Multicultural activity of the City of Melbourne
  • Emmy Monash Home for the Aged
  • Jewish National Fund
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Peter MacCallum
  • Monash University Zebra Fish Project (leading to the Eva and Les Erdi Zebrafish Research Group, a talented team of researchers)