The Erdi Philosophy

Seconds are to be enjoyed... for they cannot be recycled

l've always said a lifetime is irreplaceable; it's the single thing we can't control and have time and time again. Work is such a significant part of life that it should be enjoyed – we should genuinely be passionate about what we do and revel in it!”

- Les Erdi OAM

Six key values are at the heart of Erdigroup's success:

  1. Respect
  2. Morality
  3. Equality
  4. Humanity
  5. Flexibility
  6. Diversity 

These values have been integrated into Erdigroup culture, guiding how every staff member, in each business, operates.

From this dual respect for work and others, Erdigroup has earned its reputation in Australia’s hospitality and retail industries. Our success has also come by having fun at work. We think it’s important our workplaces are enjoyable. Every day. When you have fun at work you care more about your peers and guests, too. That’s something else that sets Erdigroup apart: our staff are warm and fun. And intuitive. They get our guests. Our guests come back. Often.

Our four business mottos are pivotal to our success:

Motto 1: Everything can be made, but not everything can be sold; but everything can be made and sold if you make what people need and can afford.

Motto 2: To keep your self respect and dignity you have to take a chance to tell the truth. You can always make money, but you can never afford lose your self respect and dignity. Dignity and self respect are achieved in the workplace with honest and open communication, and when everyone gives 100% every day. Everyone’s goal is to create a better environment for all.

Motto 3: Every Erdigroup team member (including new ones), must take our philosophy on board. It’s who we are. It means we’re all aiming for a common business goal. One that’s achievable and unites us.

Motto 4: Life is precious. A life can be lost in just one second; so at Erdigroup, we enjoy seconds. We don’t throw them away. Quite simply, work must be enjoyed.