Eva & Les Erdi

Love, dignity and self esteem: these are the foods of life.

- Les Erdi OAM

The late Eva and Les Erdi were the couple behind the highly successful Erdigroup. They married in 1945 — just a month after meeting in a Budapest restaurant and bonding over dumplings (Les knew instantly that Eva was “the one”). They moved to Australia in 1954. They had each other, a plan to “do well”, and the drive to achieve it.

Motivated by a joined love of hard work and great determination, the duo set out to improve their own lives, plus the lives of those around them. All this was achieved whilst enjoying life to its fullest. Every day. Without fail. And why not?! It’s a key reason for their success.

Generally publicity shy, the pair were behind philanthropic activities that touched countless people’s lives and created a better environment for many different communities.

Their success is based on four mottos and six key values. They lived these throughout all aspects of their personal and business lives. And generously shared these values with all Erdigroup staff.

  • Everything can be made but not everything can be sold, but everything can be made and sold if you Make what people need & can afford

  • A Lifetime is irreplaceableit's the single thing we can't control and have again. Work is such a big part of life, it must be enjoyed.

  • Dignity & Self Respect can only be achieved in the workplace when employees say what they want & give 100% for the benefit of all not just themselves.